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Why I Like Sex Toys More Than Men

For me as a woman, I hardly ever get to experience any satisfaction when I engage in the traditional sexual activities such as vaginal penetration. I guess I was made differently or I perhaps have an affinity for exploiting myself with sex toys. One significant benefit of using sex toys over the traditional sex methods for me as a lady is that It allows me the opportunity to exploit myself without any inhibitions. In fact, unlike most sexual settings with a partner where I often must adjust to accommodate the needs of my sexual partner, all I often have to do is simply adjust the sex toy to suit my unique needs. As a result, I can say that I am often of experiencing the ultimate orgasm when playing with my toys.

Besides that, I also love using sex toys since I can use these innovative to tools to explore various regions of my sexual organs. Whether I want to explore my vagina or I perhaps want to engage my anal organs, I am sure of that I can trigger the zones that I want to thrust, rubbed or even stroked with intense vibrations as well. Whereas a sexual partner often becomes sweaty at some point or even loses the stamina to go on and on, my sex toys can hold ample sized amounts charge for endless nights and days of sexual ecstasy.

When it comes to selecting sexual toys out there on the consumer market, I like that I’m spoiled for choice as a lady. From vibrators to dildos, the list is endless, and I’m also equipped with various selections of these sex toys to cater for my sexual needs at any time. The added benefit for is some of these tools are highly mechanical and automatic such that I barely have to use any energy or any effort. However, when I feel like I want to thrust specific zones and areas in my sexual organs, I am again spoiled for choice since I can opt for the well-contoured dildo. To be specific, I’m able to target various erogenous sections on my sexual body including the rare G-spot to have orgasms and pleasures that are out of this world. Thus, I’m proud to say that I’m more confident and happy in life since my sex toys help me to release my sexual energy and to discover new ways of becoming self-reliant when it comes to sex.

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