For some reason, I find that black hair and beards are lovely.

I must confess that I am mostly attracted to men with black hair and beards when I go on dates with men in London. This is coming from an unfamiliar place, and it’s kind of strange. Although I know that many ladies find attractive guys with unusual appearances, the only things that really get me going are beards and dark hair. I keep running into people who look like Tintin’s Captain Haddock, according to one of the women at our London companions solution at London X City Escorts.

I remember enjoying the Tintin magazines when I was a kid, but I’ll never get over my infatuation with Captain Haddock. I had a handful of dates in London with guys who cruise a lot, and I do enjoy men who appreciate boats. It makes no difference that none of them sport beards or dark hair. My daytime sailing friends whisk me away from London. In fact, that is one of my favorite things about them.

According to the boss, each of the other women here at London escorts has her own special set of attractions. Indeed, many of us have the fundamental need to be aroused by a singular, attractive person. Lara, who has really spent the most time with our London friends, has a weakness for tall, blonde men. We can all agree that she has probably binged-watched too many episodes of The Vikings, but they should be a touch ragged around the edges. Blonde and tall is a common trait among Scandinavians, but I find that it does nothing for me.

Ruby, on the other hand, has only lately become a member of London Companions. Despite her exotic appearance, she is only interested in males from Japan. However, her final resting place is readily characterized. I believe her ideal partner has traveled all the way from Japan, where she spent her formative years, because that’s where she invested her childhood. The fact that she is fluent in Japanese is a huge plus for her, since our London companions service dates a lot of Japanese guys.

After I finish my escort service in London, am I going to try to marry a bearded man? You never know, maybe my finest Captain Haddock is waiting for me somewhere. After witnessing far too many women do it, I have made up my mind that I will not be one of them. Another common practice among girls is to marry for financial gain. I will also make an effort to stay away from that. The fact that he acts and wants to be with me is the main reason I will be marrying a man. Actually, my mom has gone through three divorces, and I’ve learned a lot from her mistakes. Unless I fall head over heels for a guy and he reciprocates, I will not tie the knot. I think every girl should do what I did and marry the king of hearts.

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